Teaching experience
As the only one in Denmark I am registered as 'E-ryt 500' which is the highest teachers level in Yoga Alliance (the biggest Yoga organisation in the world). I have taught Yoga classes and workshops internationally, and have arranged and taught retreats. I teach both asana, meditation, pranayam and Yoga philosophy at teachers training courses, and have helped opening the Tapas Yoga Studio in New Zealand.

My Yoga training
I started practising Yoga in Copenhagen in 1996. The first couple of years I mainly practised meditation, which I still acknowledge as an essential part of my practice. I have studied Yoga for ten months in India, six months in the US and nine months full-time teacher-training at Yoga Arts in Australia.

Body therapy
In addition to a traditional Yoga training, I have studied body therapy for about one and a half years at the School of Psychosomatic in Denmark.

MA in philosophy
Academically I hold an MA in Philosophy from the University of Copenhagen. In my studies I have focused primarily on Indian philosophy, studying both Hindu and Buddhist thought. As a part of these studies I spent a year at Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi in India. I wrote my masters thesis about the “Classical Yoga” of Patanjali.

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