Is Yoga philosophy important?
Most people who practice Yoga these days do so without much or any knowledge of the ancient wisdom and worldviews of Yoga philosophy. Nonetheless they still find that Yoga works wonders for them. Does that mean that Yoga philosophy is superfluous and unimportant? I think not!

Yoga philosophy is important for me!
For me Yoga is a life project. It is a practice of being as authentic as I possibly can! This entails opening up to the deepest and most fearful parts of my being. At those and other difficult times, the Yoga philosophy inspires me and reminds me of the importance of my path.

Everyday life
Understanding Yoga in a broader sense than in normal Yoga classes, is an invitation to enhance your life even further. Every action you make during a day can become Yoga if you understand the basic principles of Yoga. Thus you can be more present and balanced in everyday life.

No dogmas
Learning about Yoga philosophy does not mean accepting anything dogmatically. It is just an invitation to see and feel for yourself!