What is Yoga philosophy?

For as long as yogis have practiced the various techniques, they have had ideas about why they were practicing Yoga. These ideas were of course relative to their particular worldviews, and all of this is Yoga philosophy.

A diverse tradition
There is often great confusion about what exactly Yoga Philosophy is. One of the reasons is that Yoga Philosophy is not one consistent and coherent set of doctrines. Rather it should be seen as a development of thought that has taken place over the last 3000 years, with several fundamentally different branches.

The heart of Yoga Philosphy
Indeed, the field of Yoga Philosophy is vast and difficult to fully comprehend. However underneath all the fancy philosophical labels we find elegant attempts to answer some of the simple and fundamental questions of life: What is my true nature? Is there a divinity, and if so what is it? How can I overcome suffering? How do I live my life in the best possible ways?