Retreats are great!

A retreat is a chance to go somewhere beautiful and practice heaps of Yoga. It is a break from your everyday life. It is a break from your job, from your social relations and from your responsibilities.

Time for yourself
The only responsibility you have on a retreat, is towards yourself! Many people forget to listen to themselves in daily life. Retreats are precious because they give you a setting where you can stay present with whatever feelings and thoughts arise.

Witnessing and Releasing
When you take time to be mindful for a longer time, you can sometimes experience that suppresed feelings come to the surface. This can bring about a sweet and deep release of tension and stress. My experience is that after a retreat I am much more calm and revitalized than after a normal holiday.

A retreat is not just a holiday
It is not my style to push people to emotional releases, but when it happens, it can be very challenging indeed. At those time I am available with help and guidance, so the process can be handled skillfully.

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