Styles of Yoga
Having trained in several styles of Yoga, I teach many different types of classes. My classes range from gentle restorative practices, with a focus on calming the nervous system and the mind, to vigorous “vinyasa” and “ashtanga” practices that effectively build strength and flexibility.

In all my classes, the safety of the students is the first priority. This means that even though classes can be both challenging and playful, there is always a focus on doing the postures in a correct and safe way. To do this, the postures are often taught in different variations to form an appropriate sequence for the physiological and mental situation of the individual student.

My emphasis
It does not matter which crazy poses you can do. What matters is how aware you can be in everything you do! This is easy to say but for many of us very challenging to pratice. It is however the mindfulness that makes Yoga more than just fitness!

I teach one weekly open class at Hamsa Yoga Studio ( Otherwise I only teach privates and at different courses! Privates and small groups are welcome at my new small studio in Østerbro in Copenhagen.